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How Veterinary Practices Can Save Money

How will COVID-19 crisis impact veterinary practice revenue? If you listen to news pundits, you will hear many different explanations about how it will impact the economy. For example, Goldman Sachs predicted that GDP will shrink by 35%. The Wall Street Journal wrote about a “swoosh” shaped recovery where the bottoming out process takes longer, but once the rebound starts it would be steady and gradual. But the fact is, no one really knows. Even economists find it difficult to accurately predict a recession or know exactly how consumer spending habits will change. So with the unknowns of the coronavirus impact far outweighing what we do know, it is difficult to predict what will occur. But, it pays to remain vigilant. Here are a number of simple ways veterinary practices can save money if the impact on your business is negative. 


10 Facts About Healthcare Labels

Healthcare labels. They don’t make the list when C-level executives meet to discuss cost controls. And, because of a spend that’s less significant than medical devices or personal protection equipment, healthcare labels often don’t get attention from the supply chain team. But, like their higher expenditure brethren, when managed effectively there are steps you can take to impact costs and ensure effective patient care.[...]

Does A Single Source Reduce Supply Chain Costs?

A single source does not automatically translate into reducing hospital supply chain costs. But the right single source provides you leverage to meet cost reduction objectives. From unit cost savings, SKU reductions, better material selection, waste reduction and more, an effective label provider can help you reduce costs and improve the service you provide to internal departments. But, is it worth your time? With numerous commodities to manage and other priorities that limit your time, does a single source healthcare label provider truly impact your costs and help you meet supply chain goals?


Reducing Supply Costs After A Health System Merger

Are hospital mergers part of a national trend driven by Medicare and an evolving insurance market that impacts reimbursement? Or, as Lawton Robert Burns, Professor of the Health Care Management Department at The Wharton School suggested, a reaction to the unknown, i.e., “we’re not sure how to compete better but, if we get bigger, maybe we’ll survive.”[...]

9 Veterinary Time Saving Tips

Lack of time. It’s high on the list of challenges that veterinarians and their staff face each day. And, although it’s frustrating when complications from treating a pet disrupts your schedule, wasting time on simple office tasks is worse. So, give yourself and your clients a few more minutes instead.[...]

Save Time Using Popular Veterinary Label Formats

We love our modern conveniences. Whether it’s the garage door opener, TV remote or ice maker, it disrupts our day when they don’t work and we’re forced to go manual. But, it’s not just home appliances that cause frustrations. At work, there’s nothing more aggravating than clicking ”print” only to find that the output isn’t what you intended. And, it’s even worse when clients are waiting or a shipping deadline is near. So, the question we ask ourselves, often in a panic, is how do I fix this? Like many problems, prevention is the best remedy. Here are useful steps you can take to increase efficiency, minimize frustrations and problem solve a solution when options are scarce.[...]

Stock & Custom Label Ordering Made Simple

A label or wristband for admitting a patient. Medication labels to ensure proper dispensing. A barcode label that assures products are distributed accurately.

United Ad Label products are essential to many business functions. However, you shouldn’t have to spend extra time on ordering or waiting for your order. That’s why we designed our ordering and distribution systems to meet your needs, regardless of the purchasing system or location.


Tips To Reduce Label Costs

Although labels don't represent your largest expenditure, they are commonly used across numerous applications so the expenditures can add up. 

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