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10 Facts About Veterinary Labels

It takes a variety of supplies to run your practice. And although drugs, medical supplies and animal food top the list of expenditures, they aren’t the only essential items. In fact, it’s impossible to execute vital tasks like medication dispensing and hazardous material identification without veterinary labels. They may not get the same scrutiny as the higher expenditure categories but when managed effectively there are steps you can take to impact costs and ensure effective patient care. Here are 10 facts about veterinary labels that may change your opinion about their importance.[...]

Pet Dental Labels

It’s estimated that half of all dogs and cats that are patients of a veterinary practice today need some level of dental care. In fact, Banfield Pet Hospital’s “2016 State of Pet Health Report” estimated that periodontal disease could be found in 76 percent of dogs and 68 percent of cats. Further, fractured teeth in dogs and tooth resorption in cats are extremely common dental issues. With these canine and feline issues, it’s no wonder that veterinarians are choosing to add dental services to their practice portfolio.[...]
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