April 30 is adopt a shelter pet day. With millions of families expecting to bring a pet into their home this year, our goal is to ensure more of those pets are adopted from shelters. And we’re donating 1000 lbs of pet food to assist the shelters with their animal care efforts. Click here to nominate a deserving animal care organization.

Plus, we also wanted to share shelter pet stories from our coworkers and families. These pets were all adopted from animal shelters and have proven to bring a little extra joy to their household. There are thousands of pets just like these ready for adoption. Here’s a great search tool to help you find the perfect animal for you.

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United Ad Label - Adopt A Shelter Pet Day Shelter Pet Stories

Abundance - Adopted From SPCA Eastern Hills Mall In Williamson, NY

Abundance spent his early days with animal hoarders. Rescued by the SPCA Eastern Hills Mall in Williamsville NY, he was adopted at the age of 4 months, appropriately on Black Friday. He enjoys playing fetch and climbing in his many cat condos. He is truly the "King of the Castle" living the dream.

Mr. Mustache - Adopted From Spirituality Rooted in North Tonawanda, NY

Mr. Mustache came from Spirituality Rooted in North Tonawanda N.Y. This organization teams up with the ASPCA to help find homes for cats when the ASPCA is full. He was dropped off by drifters who could not care for the kitten. He is mischievous and very social, making his presence known to who ever he comes in contact with and loves to be the center of attention.

Rhodint - Adopted From Anderson Animal Hospital in South Elgin, Illinois

Rhodint began life in an abandoned barn catching mice before arriving at Anderson Animal Shelter. Her playful nature and friendly demeanor quickly caught her adoptive family's attention. Now at her new home almost two years, she spends her days warming laps and keeping tabs on her white-fluff toy mice.

Millie - Adopted From Anderson Animal Hospital in South Elgin, Illinois

Transported from a kill shelter in Oklahoma to the Anderson Animal Shelter in South Elgin, Illinois, when a year old., Millie he was adopted 10 days later. A tad shy at first she has blossomed into a outgoing snug bug. She’s social and loves everyone. Her favorite pastime is sitting and watching the birds and squirrels for hours without budging an inch, then hopping around like a gazelle before she crashes on her bed for a nap.

Ralphie - Adopted From Help Save Pets In Plainfield, Illinois

Found in a kill shelter in Kentucky, Ralphie was brought to the Plainfield division of Help Save Pets. Upon arrival, he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and at the age of one had to undergo surgery on one of his hips. Due to his age and the fact that he had already had medical problems, Ralphie was considered a special needs dog and had remained in the shelter for some time. Like most pet adoption services, the cute, cuddly and healthy go first. However, my husband took one look at this pooch and fell in love. Ralphie has been in our family now for 6 years and lives a very pampered lifestyle typical of an 80 pound lap dog. He is very protective of our family, so much so that he even inserts his nose in between my mother-in-law's hand and my belly, when I was pregnant with our daughter. He has made our lives whole and we would not be the same without our big baby.

Porkchop - Adopted From Petfinder.com

Over 2 1/2 years ago I adopted a kitten that I found online on Petfinder.com. Found next to a garbage dumpster, Porkchop was around 9 weeks old, had one eye missing and the other eye missing the eyelid. After seeing how sad this kitty looked I could not pass up the opportunity to save her. I adopted her and named her Porkchop, Porky for short. I then got her surgery on her “good” eye. It turns out that without her eyelid her hair was growing into her eye. Imagine having tens, even hundreds of little hairs in your eye! The surgeon created a false eyelid and laser removed her hair above her eye. Porky loves to steal all my hair ties and bobby pins and play with them. She also loves splashing the water in my dog’s bowl. And, check out those whiskers!!!

Lucky - Adopted From West Suburban Humane Society

Dropped off at the West Suburban Humane Society when only a newborn kitten, Lucky was adopted a few days later and has been with her family for seven years. She is a great companion and lap cat. Her favorite guilty pleasure - finding an empty box to hide and sleep in!

Perseus - Adopted From Niagara County SPCA

Named after Perseus in Clash Of The Titans, he was found under a porch during a snowstorm and then taken to the Niagara County SPCA. He channels his inner mountain lion by climbing to the highest places he can find. And, he shows his special fondness of my son by rubbing on his feet.