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Healthcare Labels That Assist Infection Control

Just like influenza and other similar viruses, effective hand hygiene and infection prevention can reduce the risk of contracting a coronavirus like COVID-19. Infection prevention signs and labels placed in key areas of a hospital, clinic, physician practice or long-term care facility can increase handwashing compliance and make your operation safer. Read more in our detailed blog post.

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Hand Hygiene Signs & Labels

Hand hygiene signs and labels have proven to increase handwashing compliance in healthcare organizations. In addition, posting signs and posters at entrances and in waiting areas, elevators and cafeterias provide patients and visitors with instruction about hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, and cough etiquette.

Hand Hygiene Labels

Precaution Labels & Signs

Using proper PPE and contact precaution warning signs are steps that can protect care teams.

Precaution Labels

Transportation Labels

When you have to ship a high-risk specimen, transportation labels make it easy to alert medical workers about infectious substances.

Transportation Labels