About United Ad Label

How UAL Started

In 1958, while conducting her normal hospital rounds, a nurse stumbled upon an idea that would make her job easier, improve clinical staff communication and allow her team to treat patients more effectively. It wasn't a new medical device but instead, a healthcare label applied to patient charts, vials, IV tubing and more. A small but effective communication tool that improved both staff and patient communications. And with that nurse's desire to provide better communication in the workplace United Ad Label was born.

United Ad Label Expands

From this simple beginning, UAL quickly grew to become a premier provider of stock and custom labels to healthcare organizations, one whose products were integrated into numerous hospital processes. But to continue that growth, it required additional capital. So in 1995 the Moore Corporation, a Chicago-based print and label provider, acquired UAL. This allowed UAL to access additional label manufacturing resources, spurring further growth and process improvements.

Moore Wallace Labels

Although UAL continued to market their products through the catalog, the Moore Corporation also employed a direct sales force that targeted health systems, hospitals and hospital buying groups, advancing the awareness of UAL products. Further, in addition to the UAL catalog, the company introduced a brand called Veriad that targeted healthcare users.

In 2003, Moore acquired Wallace Computer Services to form Moore Wallace, Inc. Wallace was a print and label provider similar to Moore and also had strategically located manufacturing and distribution capabilities. As a result, UAL further expanded their stock and custom label offering, serving customers through nearby operations in the U.S. and Canada.

Moore Wallace Merges With RRD

In 2004, another merger occurred. Moore Wallace merged with RRD to become RRD, the world's largest printing organization. During that same year, UAL headquarters relocated to the Chicago area where they still operate today.

Ordering Labels Through Moore Wallace

Although you may know us as United Ad Label, UAL or Moore Wallace, we are part of RRD. As a result, you will see RRD co-branded on catalogs, contract agreements and invoices. In addition, because the Moore Wallace name is still very well known, it's common that customers looking for healthcare labels often search for Moore Wallace labels or call the UAL customer service center confirming that RRD and UAL are the same as Moore Wallace labels.

United Ad Label Services

Today, UAL is able to draw on vast internal resources to serve numerous industries including veterinary, manufacturing, distribution, education, professional services and more with stock and custom specialty label products. We provide more than 4,500 stock label products through our comprehensive catalog and online ordering site that provides both stock and custom product ordering. Contact us to learn more.

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