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Healthcare Labels

Healthcare Label Catalog 2020

From admissions and blood bank labels to nursing, pharmacy, and laboratory labels, UAL has your healthcare label needs covered!

Veterinary Labels

Veterinary Label Catalog 2020

Running a veterinary clinic is no easy feat. We provide numerous labels and supplies to help you run it smoothly, including board & care labels, medication dispensing, surgery, treatment room labels and more!

Business Labels

2019 Labels for Your Business

No matter what industry your business is in, UAL has manufacturing, warehouse and office labels ranging from shipping labels to filing labels.  Whatever your needs, it’s all here!

NEW! 2021 Year Labels

2020 2021 New Labels

Staying organized is a never ending process but using United Ad Label date labels will help. They are designed to match your filing system and other types of media. We carry Barkley, GBS/VRE, Tab, Smead, Colwell, the UAL brand and more.