Linerless Labels

What Are Linerless Labels?

A linerless label is exactly what the name implies, a label without the liner. Although they function like a conventional label, a special release coating allows linerless labels to be wound over each other without sticking. Hospitals, ambulatory centers, pharmacies and more, use linerless labels to increase efficiencies, reduce environmental impact and save money.

Common Types Of Linerless Labels

Linerless labels are an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution perfect for unit dose labels for omnicell stations at the bedside or in the pharmacy, specimen labeling and more.

Linerless Labels At United Ad Label

United Ad Label produces linerless labels in various sizes and formats. This includes blank direct thermal options and pre-printed versions of our most popular labels for central stores and shipping and distribution applications. You can choose from two adhesive options. One containing a removable adhesive that can withstand the demands of healthcare processes yet removes when desired or an ultra-removable adhesive that removes easily from smooth surfaces without leaving a residue.

Types of Linerless Labels

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Direct Thermal Linerless Labels

Direct Thermal Linerless Labels

Direct thermal linerless labels are available in numerous sizes and designed to fit the needs of your unique applications and printer requirements.

Preprinted Linerless Labels

Preprinted Linerless Labels

Preprinted linerless labels contain messages that help guide your staff on how to handle materials properly.