Infection Control Labels

Infection Control Labels

What Are Infection Control Labels?

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Infection control labels clearly and effectively inform the medical staff, patients and visitors to take proper precautions to minimize the spread of infections. Hospitals, long term care, physicians practices, clinics and more use infection control labels to increase infection control compliance.

Common Infection Control Label Uses In Healthcare

Infection control labels communicate information about biohazards, guide effective hand hygiene, encourage proper PPE use, alert medical workers about infectious substances and more.

Infection Control Labels At United Ad Label

United Ad Label infection control labels remind healthcare workers, patients and visitors to take appropriate actions to prevent the spread of disease. These easy to apply products are brightly colored and large enough for any healthcare provider to easily identify warnings. Plus, they help your organization meet The Joint Commission, World Health Organization, and CDC compliance guidelines. And if you need to apply your branding or add unique copy, our custom label designer tool allows you to design, proof, price and order custom labels online.

Types of Infection Control Labels:

Biohazard Labels

Biohazard Labels clearly identify biohazards contained in rooms, refrigerators, waste bags, containers and more.

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Hand Hygiene/PPE Labels

Hand hygiene PPE labels communicate the importance of hand washing and antibacterial gel application to staff, visitors and patients. They also highlight special hand washing precautions for COVID-19, C-DIFF and other resistant microorganisms.

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Precaution Labels And Signs

Precaution labels and signs highlight the importance of using protective gear to prevent the spread of infection and help protect care teams.

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Flu Labels

Flu labels clearly show who received a flu vaccine and make it more likely that others will get one. They demonstrate to patients, staff and visitors that others are taking proper precautions.

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Transportation Labels

Transportation labels make it easy to alert medical workers about infectious substances when you have to ship a high risk specimen.

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