Anesthesia Labels and Tape

Anesthesia Labels and Tape

What Are Anesthesia Drug Labels?

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Anesthesia drug labels supplement the printed information included with prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. Medical professionals use drug labels to communicate information to ensure proper patient care.

Common Anesthesia Drug Label Uses In Healthcare

Anesthesia Drug Labels help prevent confusion and misidentification. For example, printed medication names eliminate errors resulting from illegible handwriting. And, for prepared medications they allow the medical staff to record key data points, such as drug name, strength and more, to aid in proper dispensing. Anesthesia drug labels assist medical professionals in labeling medications properly.

Drug Named Labels At United Ad Label

United Ad Label drug named labels conform to the nationally recognized color coding ASTM standard D-4774-93 and help meet the Joint Commission NPSG 03.04.01. Our tallman lettered anesthesia drug labels help minimize the confusion created by look-alike, sound-alike names. Anesthesia drug labels use flexible paper, making them easy to wrap on small syringes and odd-shaped products. Plus drug tapes are linerless increasing the ease of application and reducing waste.

Types Of Anesthesia Drug Named Labels:

With hundreds of different drugs prescribed regularly, UAL stocks hundreds of unique drug named labels. The labels include a blank space to fill in the strength of the drug as well as space to write the date, time, and initials of the person preparing the medication. Other versions include labels with pre-printed common medication strengths, the date the solution was prepared and the expiration date and time.

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