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Portable Oxygen Concentrator Labels For Home Healthcare

The rise of chronic disease and a new generation of baby boomer customers have increased the need for portable oxygen concentrators (POCs). [...]

Oxygen Cylinder Storage - New Labeling Guidelines

New oxygen cylinder storage guidelines impact hospital Biomedical and Clinical Engineering departments. Recently, the Joint Commission (TJC) revised their acceptable standards which had been in place for several years. Have you updated your workflow? [...]

Adopt A Shelter Pet Day - Shelter Pet Stories

Nearly 7,000,000 each year. Dropped off or found homeless. Animals that end up in shelters and hope for adoption. A chance to get back into a loving home. But although some make it out, many more don’t. And we want to increase the number that do. Here's how. [...]

Support And Nominate Your Local Animal Shelter

There are many reasons.

  • Lost, abandoned, or just given away
  • Mutts and purebred
  • 3.9 million dogs, 3.2 million cats and a mix of other animals

Thermal Transfer Printing Problems & Solutions

What happens when the printer doesn’t work? Printer technology has advanced to the point where we expect perfect output after we push print. But sometimes the printout isn’t what we expect. So, before you try kicking the printer, or some other creative method to solve your problem, consider these steps instead! [...]

IV Line Labels Impact On Adverse Drug Events

An IV line label is commonly viewed as small and simplistic. In reality, they contain numerous complexities. And if they are used incorrectly or are in conflict with internal protocols, they can contribute to adverse drug events. To ensure you taking the necessary steps to insure patient safety and maintain compliance, read more.[...]

The Importance of IV & Line Labels for Effective Care

How do you prevent adverse drug events (ADEs)? Even with protocols and automation, there are plenty of challenges that confront medical professionals. This post is the first in a four part series that details steps you can take to prevent adverse drug events, improve patient outcomes and meet TJC standards.[...]

How to Use Type & Font in Your Label Design

Does the type face and font style impact the effectiveness of your label? Will it make a difference to a consumer? Does a Georgia font really lead to better outcomes than Ariel? You might be surprised at the answer. Read how to use type and fonts to power your label design to learn more. [...]

Heat And Humidity Label Problems

If Labels Could Pick Their Favorite City, What Would They Choose? In northern climates, summer means a time to finally enjoy the outdoors after a long winter. But, if you’re in the deep south it’s different. The oppressive heat and humidity cause many of us to hunker down inside and enjoy the air conditioning. Similarly, just as we react differently depending on the conditions, so do labels. And if they could pick their favorite city it would be San Diego, where the weather is nearly perfect all year and heat and humidity label problems are minimal!


Creating Custom Labels

What do custom labels and the telephone game have in common? We all played the telephone game as kids or even as an icebreaker in a business setting. When a message is progressively whispered to other people, even in a small group, the last person rarely ends up with the same information as the first. And, if you don't understand the message to begin with, the meaning gets distorted even faster. But, how do custom labels come into play?


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