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The Importance of IV & Line Labels for Effective Care

How do you prevent adverse drug events (ADEs)? Even with protocols and automation, there are plenty of challenges that confront medical professionals. This post is the first in a four part series that details steps you can take to prevent adverse drug events, improve patient outcomes and meet TJC standards.[...]

How to Use Type & Font in Your Label Design

Does the type face and font style impact the effectiveness of your label? Will it make a difference to a consumer? Does a Georgia font really lead to better outcomes than Ariel? You might be surprised at the answer. Read how to use type and fonts to power your label design to learn more. [...]

Heat And Humidity Label Problems

If Labels Could Pick Their Favorite City, What Would They Choose? In northern climates, summer means a time to finally enjoy the outdoors after a long winter. But, if you’re in the deep south it’s different. The oppressive heat and humidity cause many of us to hunker down inside and enjoy the air conditioning. Similarly, just as we react differently depending on the conditions, so do labels. And if they could pick their favorite city it would be San Diego, where the weather is nearly perfect all year and heat and humidity label problems are minimal!


Creating Custom Labels

What do custom labels and the telephone game have in common? We all played the telephone game as kids or even as an icebreaker in a business setting. When a message is progressively whispered to other people, even in a small group, the last person rarely ends up with the same information as the first. And, if you don't understand the message to begin with, the meaning gets distorted even faster. But, how do custom labels come into play?


How Colors Impact Communication Labels

How often do simple things get overlooked? Even when directions are clearly stated they often get missed. Especially when the instructions are written. But there are steps you can take to improve the process. These simple steps can increase the impact of your communication labels. [...]

Stock & Custom Label Ordering Made Simple

A label or wristband for admitting a patient. Medication labels to ensure proper dispensing. A barcode label that assures products are distributed accurately. United Ad Label products are essential to many business functions. However, you shouldn’t have to spend extra time on ordering or waiting for your order. That’s why we designed our ordering and distribution systems to meet your needs, regardless of the purchasing system or location.[...]

How Allergy Labels Help Mitigate Common Healthcare Allergy Challenges

Allergy labels help provide a deterrent to allergic reactions in healthcare settings. It’s estimated that nearly 50 million people in the U.S. are afflicted with nasal allergies. And allergies of one form or another affect 30% of adults and 40% of children. It’s a virtual guarantee that a percentage of patients are afflicted with some form of allergy. For hospitals, clinics, physician's offices and more, that’s nothing to sneeze at! [...]

Medication Labeling Challenges & Solutions

Whether it’s similar packaging, names or even the spelling, Look Alike Sound Alike (LASA) medications create challenges for medical professionals. Unfortunately, confusion due to these similarities may lead to potentially harmful medication errors. Learn how you can improve drug safety in your practice, combat these common issues and minimize potential problems. [...]

Using Labels To Enhance Veterinary Practice Communication And Productivity

Communication is at the heart of providing high-quality medical care for pets at any practice. There a number of steps you can take that improve the flow of your operation and enhance communication with clients, their pets and your staff.[...]

Tips To Reduce Label Costs

Although labels don't represent your largest expenditure, they are commonly used across numerous applications so the expenditures can add up. [...]

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