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How Weather Impacts Infection Prevention

Did the polar vortex increase the number of reported flu cases? And, did the geographic areas where temperatures remained near normal see a decrease? The results may surprise you.[...]

Keeping The Veterinary Practice Front Office Organized, Efficient And Cost Effective

From scheduling appointments, greeting patients and assisting them after an exam, keeping the veterinary practice organized requires the front office to juggle many responsibilities. For example, [...]

Steps To Better Hand Hygiene Compliance

Hand hygiene. Wash hands. Clean hands. Infection prevention. You pick the phrase but the fact is hand-washing is a never-ending problem for hospitals. Healthcare professionals know it’s the best way to prevent the spread of germs and diseases. But, on average, hand-washing compliance tops out at about 50%. That means when doctors, nurses and the medical staff come into contact with patients and germs, you can expect them to wash their hands every other time, at most! The potential for spreading infections and viruses have significant implications for healthcare providers. What can you do to impact improvement? [...]

5 Steps To Meeting Joint Commission Patient Safety Goals

Patient safety. It’s embedded into the processes and procedures of all health systems. Yet, consistently executing effective patient safety remains an ongoing challenge. In fact, faculty at the Harvard School of Public Health characterized patient safety improvements in hospitals as “excruciatingly slow.” There are steps you can implement to improve the process.[...]

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Labels For Home Healthcare

The rise of chronic disease and a new generation of baby boomer customers have increased the need for portable oxygen concentrators (POCs). [...]

Oxygen Cylinder Storage - New Labeling Guidelines

New oxygen cylinder storage guidelines impact hospital Biomedical and Clinical Engineering departments. Recently, the Joint Commission (TJC) revised their acceptable standards which had been in place for several years. Have you updated your workflow? [...]

Adopt A Shelter Pet Day - Shelter Pet Stories

Nearly 7,000,000 each year. Dropped off or found homeless. Animals that end up in shelters and hope for adoption. A chance to get back into a loving home. But although some make it out, many more don’t. And we want to increase the number that do. Here's how. [...]

Support And Nominate Your Local Animal Shelter

There are many reasons.

  • Lost, abandoned, or just given away
  • Mutts and purebred
  • 3.9 million dogs, 3.2 million cats and a mix of other animals

Thermal Transfer Printing Problems & Solutions

What happens when the printer doesn’t work? Printer technology has advanced to the point where we expect perfect output after we push print. But sometimes the printout isn’t what we expect. So, before you try kicking the printer, or some other creative method to solve your problem, consider these steps instead! [...]

IV Line Labels Impact On Adverse Drug Events

An IV line label is commonly viewed as small and simplistic. In reality, they contain numerous complexities. And if they are used incorrectly or are in conflict with internal protocols, they can contribute to adverse drug events. To ensure you taking the necessary steps to insure patient safety and maintain compliance, read more.[...]

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