Board & Care

What Are Board & Care Labels?

Board and care labels communicate your patients' conditions and special care requirements to all staff members. Veterinary practices, animal clinics and more use board and care labels to ensure effective care.

Common Board & Care Label Uses In Healthcare

Board and care labels detail all types of special care requirements ranging from senior pet conditions and pregnant animals to handling aggressive animals and feeding regimens.

Care Instruction Labels & Cage Cards At United Ad Label

United Ad Label treatment room labels are easily applied to treatment documents for future reference. They are in stock and available for immediate shipment.

Types of Board & Care Labels

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Care Instruction Labels & Cage Cards

Care Instruction Labels & Cage Cards

Care instruction labels and cage cards help ensure your staff takes proper precautions with each pet and guide proper care.

ID Collars

ID Collar

ID collars make it easy to identify all animals in your facility efficiently and economically.