Coronavirus Labels That Assist Infection Control


Effective hand hygiene, social distancing and infection prevention strategies reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus. COVID-19 labels and infection prevention signs placed in key areas of your business and in hospitals, clinics, physician practices and long-term care facilities can increase handwashing compliance and make your operation safer. Read more in our detailed blog post.

Read More in Our Detailed Blog Post

COVID-19 Quarantine Labels

COVID-19 quarantine labels communicate transmission-based isolation precautions and procedures to guide and protect healthcare workers.

COVID-19 Social Distance & Food Labels

To maintain business during COVID-19 restrictions, retailers and restaurants must help consumers feel safe. The Stop Here label and tamper indicating labels increase their safety and confidence in you.

COVID-19 Precaution

Using proper PPE and contact precaution warning signs are steps that can protect care teams.

Hand Hygiene Signs & Labels

Hand hygiene signs and COVID-19 labels increase compliance. Posting signs in high traffic areas including entrances, waiting areas, check out areas, elevators and more, about proper etiquette, help prevent spreading the virus.

Transportation Labels

When you have to ship a high-risk specimen, transportation labels make it easy to alert medical workers about infectious substances.

COVID-19 Vaccine Labels

COVID-19 vaccine labels help ensure you meet storage and handling guidelines, administer vaccines safely and effectively manage the patient flow.