Oxygen Concentrator Labels For Home Healthcare

But, whether it’s in a hospital or home healthcare setting, Joint Commission requirements still apply.

TJC home healthcare standards cover a variety of areas that are considered key to providing safe, high quality care to patients. And that includes equipment maintenance.

United Ad Label introduced two new products designed to help home healthcare organizations meet those requirements. The home care concentrator data label  allows you to detail the model number, operating hours, the date of the last maintenance check and the signature of the individual that conducted that check. In addition, it also allows you to verify the oxygen flow rate to ensure that it’s consistent with the doctors prescription.

And for oxygen equipment that doubles between the hospital and the home, the O2 label  helps you keep track. UAL helps healthcare providers track and maintain oxygen system equipment and meet TJC guidelines.

We carry a complete line of maintenance, safety and calibration labels for applications in home healthcare and hospital settings. Click here for more information.