UAL Support and Nominate Your Local Animal Shelter

They are all there through no fault of their own. And sadly, 2.7 million of these dogs and cats don’t make it out of the shelter. Instead, they are euthanized because of overpopulation.

So, let’s take steps to improve this problem.

Support Your Local Shelter

United Ad Label will provide free pet food to an animal shelter.

Reduce The Animal Shelter Population.

There are millions of animals at animal shelters throughout the nation. But here’s another fact. They are full of loving, spayed or neutered, vaccinated and often trained pets. And although many pets are placed in loving homes, too many remain in shelter care. Let’s reduce the overpopulation at animal shelters and rescues by encouraging more people to adopt a shelter pet!

Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

April 30 is Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. Help United Ad Label spread the word about the great pets available from animal shelters. Let’s start with the 29 million people who will bring a pet into their home in the next year. Imagine if just small percentage of those selected were shelter pets. Just 10% would decrease the shelter population by nearly 3 million. Encouraging these people to consider a shelter pet will go a long way in increasing the number of adoptions.

Help Us Take These Additional Actions

Forward this blog post to others who might consider a new pet for their family. This search tool is an ideal way to identify a shelter pet that’s a perfect fit.

Furthermore, support your local shelter. In addition to adoption, volunteer your time or donate cleaning supplies and gently used pet items. Contact your local shelter to determine their specific needs.

Veterinarians Support Shelters

Finally, don’t forget to recognize your local veterinarians. The veterinary community works closely with local animal shelters dedicating their time, effort and expertise.