The UAL Catalog Helps You Make More Effective Purchases

What Products Are Contained In The UAL Catalog?

Although the UAL catalog was first introduced 60 years ago to serve the needs of hospitals, it grew to contain products used by any business that uses labels. 

Healthcare Labels by UAL

Healthcare Labels

As healthcare organizations operational, compliance and patient safety needs increased the UAL catalog expanded along with it. The catalog includes items from admissions to discharge and everything in between.

Veterinary Labels by UAL

Veterinary Labels

Running a veterinary clinic is no easy feat. The catalog contains labels and supplies to help you run it smoothly, including board & care labels, medication dispensing, surgery, treatment room labels and more.

Business Labels by UAL

Business Labels

No matter what industry your business is in, the UAL catalog has printer labels, shipping labels, equipment labels, office labels and items to manage a wide range of events.

The UAL Catalog Is A Helpful Resource

But beyond the broad product offering, the UAL catalog is a helpful resource.

  1. Use it as a reference tool
    Example: A healthcare organization's new nursing director found they were nearly out of IV tubing labels but didn't have a part number or description of the item that they used previously. They opened the UAL catalog, turned to the nursing section and found more than 20 options. Then, they found the style that met their internal protocols, noted the item number and were able to quickly place the order on
  2. Compare product options
    Example: A veterinary practice changed their physical examination process and needed a printed checklist that coincided with it. The office manager used the UAL catalog to review the options and determine if one matched. After identifying a checklist that contained the examination steps they needed, she ordered samples for the team to test. After the team used the examination record and was satisfied with the workflow, she placed an order.
  3. Answer common questions
    Example: A business used equipment labels to communicate service and calibration information. Because the equipment was used in an environment where chemicals could come in contact with the label, it was essential that they used a material that was waterproof and resistant to solvents and cleaners. After, looking in the UAL catalog, the quality manager found detailed information about the materials used to produce specific equipment labels and were able to order the item that worked effectively and withstood the harsh treatment.


United Ad Label

With more than 4,000 stock items and lots of useful information, the United Ad Label is one catalog you'll keep around for the entire year. If you don't have one, order it today!