United Ad Label 2021 Spring Healthcare Catalog

Medication without harm. Because the purpose of prescribing medication is to cure, halt, or prevent disease or ease symptoms, it seems like an obvious statement. Yet medication errors occur with thousands of patients each year in both inpatient and ambulatory settings. Further, the National Academy of Medicine estimates that 7,000 deaths occur annually due to preventable medication errors. Effective medication labeling is one way to combat adverse drug events. United Ad Label carries an extensive selection of anesthesia labels and flag labels for vials and syringes that help healthcare workers with effective medication dispensing.

Healthcare Labels by UAL

UAL Spring Healthcare Catalog

In fact, you can review these products in the UAL Spring Healthcare Catalog. It contains both new and commonly used items that address medication dispensing challenges.

Anesthesia Drug Labels

Anesthesia Drug Labels help prevent confusion and misidentification. For example, printed medication names eliminate errors resulting from illegible handwriting. And, for prepared medications they allow the medical staff to record key data points, such as drug name, strength and more, to aid in proper dispensing.

In addition, vaccinations present similar challenges. With numerous brands and formulations, it’s easy to confuse the vaccine. Vaccine labels help your staff quickly locate and choose the correct vaccine and prevent a potential vaccine administration error.

Flag Labels

Flag labels are an effective way to communicate and accurately identify medications. Although they are similar to anesthesia drug labels, flag labels are designed to work effectively on small medication vials and syringes. The flag label’s tabbed design makes it simple to securely attach the label without obscuring essential information.

Medication Added Labels

Medication added labels provide caregivers with vital medication dispensing and adminstration information. They are easy to apply to containers of all kinds including vials, bags, bottles and more. Plus, the bright colors make it easy for the medical staff to recognize key information.  

Custom Medication Labels

Although UAL stocks over 4,000 healthcare labels and regularly adds new products for vital applications like medication labels, some organizations require a unique product. If your protocols call for a custom designed medication label, you can easily design, price, proof and order the item through the UAL Custom Label Designer. It’s a cost effective option when you require a custom product.

United Ad Label

United Ad Label anesthesia drug labels and flag labels help healthcare organizations reduce adverse drug events. Contact us to learn more.