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United Ad Label 2020 Spring Veterinary Catalog

Like most organizations that deliver healthcare services, the demands on veterinary practices have changed. In fact, technological advancements have led to new diagnostic techniques, drugs, therapeutic regimes and preventive care that weren’t available to provide only a few years ago. But, one of the biggest change drivers is the pet owner themself. Because, now more than ever before, they insist that their pets lead the same healthy life they do. These changes present an opportunity for new and expanded services. What’s more, they require proper documentation to ensure effective patient care. United Ad Label carries an extensive selection of veterinary labels that help practices meet the demands of an expanded service offering.

UAL Spring Veterinary Catalog

In fact, you can review these products in the UAL Spring Veterinary Catalog. It contains both new and commonly used items that address the ever-changing needs of veterinary practices.

Eye Care Examination Labels

For example, the demand for pet eye care is increasing. In fact, one driver of the increased demand is the prevalence of diabetes in cats and dogs, resulting in poor vision. Plus, with the number of households with pets increasing, along with expenditures on pet care, the need for eye care will likely increase. Eye care examination labels make it easy to document all your ophthalmology examination procedures for quick reference on charts or treatment documentation.

And for a limited time, save 20% on all eye care examination records. Just enter online code 2020SALE at checkout.

Anesthesia Labels

As the amount of treatments increase, so does the use of anesthesia. Although there are reams of data about medication errors in human medicine, those same statistics aren’t measured frequently on the veterinary side. But, one study did uncover challenges that veterinarians face just like their healthcare counterparts.

Daniel J. Fletcher, Ph.D., DVM, DACVECC, an associate professor at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, cataloged three years’ worth of data at three university veterinary hospitals. They found the most common errors were drug errors. In fact, the most common types of medication errors involve drug prescribing, preparation, dosing and administration. And poor communication was cited as a primary cause.

Although it’s not the only solution, anesthesia drug labels help minimize adverse drug events by preventing confusion and misidentification. For example, printed medication names eliminate errors resulting from illegible handwriting. And, for prepared medications they allow the medical staff to record key data points, such as drug name, strength and more, to aid in proper dispensing.

United Ad Label stocks dozens of anesthesia labels that improve medication labeling, communication and dispensing.

DYMO And Zebra Labels

Veterinary practices use DYMO and Zebra printers more than other print devices. And when it comes to enabling various operational tasks, including prescription labels, address labels, shipping labels, inventory labels, cage cards and more, using DYMO and Zebra label formats are an effective solution. UAL stocks dozens of different items with formats that fit your specific applications. If you use DYMO or Zebra printers now is the time to restock your label supply because for a limited time you can get them for 20% off. Just enter code SALE2020 when you order online.

United Ad Label

United Ad Label veterinary labels help organizations manage medications, operate their practice more effectively and reduce costs. Contact us to learn more.

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