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Biomedical & Clinical Engineering Label Tips

These biomedical and clinical engineering label tips are simple steps you can take to ensure the labels you purchase fit your needs and operate the way you intended.
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Printer Considerations for Labels

There are various types of printing available for commercial labels. Laser, ink, & thermal printing all produce labels. Here are the differences between them.
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6 Factors to Consider When Adding Text to Labels

Adding text to labels is more than just words. It's size, styling, symbols, and more. Let United Ad Label help you get the right text and design for your label needs!
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Finding the Right Material to Match The Job

If your label is popping up or your print is fading, the culprit might be an application / material mismatch. Some things to consider: temperature, exposure to chemicals, moisture, surface type.
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Special Constructions

Some applications require special label constructions that enable the label to meet a unique need such as the ability to wrap on tight curves or handle cleanings.
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Understanding the types of barcodes available and things to consider before investing in hardware can help prevent surprises down the road.
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