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Pet Boarding Infection Prevention Challenges

Nearly 100 million Americans will embark on a family vacation this summer. And for the 68% of households that own a pet, part of their planning will include deciding if their dogs and cats get to accompany them on the trip or will require other accommodations. Whether it’s a vacation, business trip or just long days in the office, many pet owners turn to veterinarians, boarding and pet care facilities to manage their pets while they are away. And, as the demand for these services increase, so does the need for pet boarding infection control processes to ensure a safe, healthy environment that pet owners will want to utilize in the future.[...]

Reducing Supply Costs After A Health System Merger

Are hospital mergers part of a national trend driven by Medicare and an evolving insurance market that impacts reimbursement? Or, as Lawton Robert Burns, Professor of the Health Care Management Department at The Wharton School suggested, a reaction to the unknown, i.e., “we’re not sure how to compete better but, if we get bigger, maybe we’ll survive.” [...]

How Infection Prevention Impacts Hospital Healthgrades

What impact do healthgrades have on hospitals and their efforts to improve patient safety? Although some in healthcare circles question the scientific methodology of these studies, Healthcare Finance reports that healthcare ratings can impact a hospital’s bottom line. But, regardless of your belief in the data collection and interpretation, or the impact on revenue, one thing is certain. Infection prevention issues remain challenging for hospitals irrespective of their ranking. [...]

Veterinary Medication Dispensing Risks

Have you ever come home from a trip to the grocery store only to discover you purchased the wrong item? Adding insult to injury, it’s one of those staples that you rarely run out of and you purchased dozens of times before - from the same store. But, as you pull it out of your shopping bag you realize it’s not the product you wanted. Maybe the packaging or the name was similar to the item you normally buy and, after a quick glance, you grabbed it and threw it in the cart. [...]

How Labels Can Improve Patient Satisfaction

Patient experience and satisfaction have become integral measures for value-based care. Not surprisingly, patient communication is one of the key drivers to improving the patient experience. What’s more, effective patient communication comes in many different forms. One-to-one conversations with patients and interactions with the clinical staff are crucial. But, so are the written and visual communications that occur on the go. In fact, when used strategically, labels can elevate communication among caregivers and improve patient satisfaction and care.[...]

How Healthcare Label Adhesive Selection Impacts Patient Safety

Healthcare organizations spend millions on state of the art diagnostic equipment, life-saving drugs and medical devices that improve patient care. But, there are times when less costly supplies create unforeseen problems with these investments. And, in some situations, problems that disrupt the clinical staff’s ability to provide effective patient care. Fortunately, they are problems that proper healthcare label adhesive selection can prevent. [...]

9 Veterinary Time Saving Tips

Lack of time. It’s high on the list of challenges that veterinarians and their staff face each day. And, although it’s frustrating when complications from treating a pet disrupts your schedule, wasting time on simple office tasks is worse. So, give yourself and your clients a few more minutes instead.[...]

Enhance Compliance Using These Label Formats

The Joint Commission survey process helps healthcare organizations assess, measure and improve performance. And although they scrutinize numerous clinical interactions, there are many other non-clinical functions that require conscious attention and follow up.

But whether you are identifying IV lines and classifying medications for a patient or recording calibrations and tracking maintenance dates for equipment, these specific labeling steps can help you meet compliance standards and elevate patient safety.


7 Reasons To Support Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

Eighty-five million families in the U.S. own a pet. And for most of them, their pet is a loyal companion and a valued member of the family. But, for all the pets in loving homes, there are millions that spend their time in shelters. And, we believe that we can help reduce that number. Here's how you can help. [...]

The Language Of Label Item Numbers

Institutional knowledge. It’s the collective knowledge an employee accumulates during the time they work for an organization. Some of that knowledge may get translated into procedures and policies. But, most of it resides in your head, hands, and heart. And, it’s that institutional knowledge that helps you navigate through the system, circumvent problems and perform your job more effectively. Plus, it teaches you another language. One that your new or less experienced peers don’t understand.

It’s the language of part and product numbers.

If you frequently use certain items or purchase them for your operation and have been performing that task for any length of time, those numbers become a shortcut to doing your job faster. One look at the item and voilà, you know the details necessary to grab it from the supply cabinet, send in a requisition or make a purchase.

But what happens if you don’t speak that language? [...]

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