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Managing COVID-19 Vaccine Administration

400 million COVID-19 vaccine doses are on order and more are needed to accommodate the 329 million people in the U.S. As if the vaccination process wasn’t already complex, the sheer magnitude of vaccinating hundreds of millions of people in a condensed time frame creates numerous challenges for healthcare providers. For example, with vaccines administered in facilities ranging from a physician’s office to a community building, the complexity of maintaining proper protocols increase. Use these COVID-19 vaccine administration steps to help you manage the process.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Administration

Although the importance of hand hygiene has been widely communicated for months, it remains an essential protocol for healthcare providers as they administer vaccines. And, as vaccine administration occurs outside of normal healthcare settings, maintaining hand hygiene standards becomes more challenging.

Signage placed in highly visible locations that remind staff of appropriate measures will increase compliance.

UAL Labels Covid

Another important consideration is preparing vials for administration. In fact, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have different administration requirements. The Pfizer vaccine requires reconstituting while the Moderna vaccine calls for one use vials. Regardless of which one you use, labeling the vials appropriately minimizes potential errors and vaccine spoilage. Further, once the shot is administered, make sure to segregate used syringes in a sharps container with proper waste control labeling.

COVID-19 Vaccine Compliance

UAL Labels Covid

A recent Gallup Poll indicates that only six in ten Americans are willing to get the vaccine. But a method that has proven to increase flu shot compliance can have the same impact with COVID vaccines. Supplying a Got COVID Vaccine sticker after the vaccination will impact the amount of other people who choose to get it.

COVID-19 Vaccine Medical Record Updates

UAL Labels Covid

Providing a personal vaccination record to the patient that includes the vaccine type, lot number and the dates of administration is another important part of the COVID-19 vaccine administration process. Vaccination cards will come with the coronavirus vaccination kits sent out from Operation Warp Speed. Obtaining personalized reminder cards is another option.

In addition, another vaccine administration communication challenge is maintaining an appropriate balance between serving public health and adhering to appropriate privacy levels. Health care providers are sending data collected during the vaccine administration process to public health departments and governments as they try to control the spread of the disease. Although it provides them with data to inform decisions about how to safely manage their communities, it’s essential to manage the data properly.

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Managing COVID-19 vaccine administration is just one of the many challenges healthcare providers faced during the pandemic. United Ad Label supplies stock and custom labels that allow healthcare organizations to effectively handle COVID-19 vaccine administration. Contact us to learn more.


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